UK glam rockers Rachel Stamp are back! The Londoners who caused a kinky tsunami through the English capital’s rock clubs in the late nineties will see their sole long player, Hymns For Strange Children, released on vinyl for the first time by Easy Action on April 14th. The CD version of the album will contain six extra tracks!

By way of celebration, a ‘new’ video for the track Brand New Toy has found it’s way to the Sentinel Daily offices recapturing all the thrills and spills of the band’s late-nineties heyday – watch it below and feel the soles of your shoes start sticking to the adjacent floor covering almost immediately as the vid transports you back to your sticky, sleazy, sweaty fin de siecle rock club of choice!

Says the band’s leading light David Ryder Prangley: “‘Brand New Toy’ is the archetypal Rachel Stamp rocker. Part of the riff is a tri-tone, aka the ‘Devil’s interval’ which, back in medieval days, was said to drive whoever heard it crazy. I kind of stole the song title from the name of a friend’s band and the lyrics are pretty regular Stamp fare for the time – sex, insanity and Jesus Christ. The video is a new mash up of various live footage taken around 1998-2000. The gigs were always a riot, as you can see…”