100. DevilskinBe Like the River (Rocket)

“The album is a strong offering with no song that could be considered filler…. From start to finish there is enough on this album to get this reviewer really interested”. – Paul Kerr, 10/11/16

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99. Chron GenThis is the Age (Westworld Recordings)

“It’s good to have them back, and those first five tracks would have made a killer EP…” Michael Stronge, 30/09/16

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98. GehennahToo Loud to Live, Too Drunk to Live (Metal Blade)

Their first full-lengther in twenty years picked up as if nothing had changed, with the band sounding as raw, dirty and direct as they ever have – just the way we like it. – Scott Adams

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97. The Jelly JamProfit (Music Theories Recordings)

“It’s an interesting record, undeniably strong in places, yet never seeming to fully push through on the potential it undoubtedly has…” – Scott Adams, 23/05/16

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96. WitchskullThe Vast Electric Dark (Own Label)

TVED has that ‘best in class’ quality that few manage to attain. An absolute must-hear whether you count yourself a fan of doom or not” – Scott Adams, 08/12/16

95. AllfatherBless the Earth With Fire (Static Tension Records)

“UK sludge Lords Allfather absolutely – actually, make that ABSOMUTHFUCKINGLUTELY – rock… I know this isn’t going to be for everyone, but Allfather are definitely worth a punt if the sheer visceral, emotional heft of the riff alone is something you’re interested in”. – Michael Stronge, 28/05/16

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94. EpitaphFire from the Soul (MIG Music)

“Proggy, at times pompous rock with an occasional eye on bombast is the name of the game, though the band ain’t shy of a melody, often coming on in their poppier moments as a slightly cut-price version of Cheap Trick“. – Scott Adams, 15/03/16

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93. Avenged SevenfoldThe Stage (Capitol Records)

I seem to be in a minority these days, but to me Avenged Sevenfold just get better and better. They’ve found their niche now, and their metier of modern-sounding Maiden and Metallica tributes underpinning the ever-more Graham Bonnetesque vocals of M. Shadows, at it’s best on the new album’s title track, has never been mopre pleasurable to listen to. – Gavin Strickmann

92. Goatess Purgatory Under New Management (Svart Records)

Spritely doom that obviously nods to the past yet still retains a resolutely modern feel; Swedes Goatess returned with a new album this year but maintained all their old hallmarks of quality and crushing, woozy heaviness. – Michael Stronge

91. HammerFallBuilt to Last (Napalm Records)

“There are moments here that will truly reaffirm your love of HammerFall if you are a long term fan, so I’m happy to report that, overall, Built to Last is a welcome return to form”. – Ferry Templeton, 18/10/16

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