60. Crimson FireFireborn (Pitch Black Records)

‘”This year is already becoming something of an anus mirabilis for traditional metal, and Crimson Fire have contributed to this with one of the best efforts of its type so far in 2016″. – Scott Adams, 18/05/16

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59. NeurosisFires Within Fires (Neurot Recordings)

Ever influential yet never, ever resting on their laurels, sludge/metal/tribal/industrial fusionists Neurosis returned in 2016 with an album seemingly designed to take a cinematic look back at all their past incarnations. Consequently it didn’t have the impact of their best work, but still stands head and shoulders above most of the ever-populating chasing pack. – Michael Stronge

58. Death AngelThe Evil Divide (Nuclear Blast)

Destined always to live in the shadows of more illustrious genre compadres, Death Angel nevertheless quietly continue to deliver the goods in their own brutal way. And in The Evil Divide they come up with one of their best efforts yet. – Michael Stronge

57. Imperial State ElectricAll Through the Night (Psychout Records)

Classy. Always classy. Nicke Andersson and co rarely disappoint, and on new album All Through the Night that’s certainly the case. Not as overtly rock n’roll as we’d have liked, maybe, but overall the sound of ISC in 2016 is still perhaps closer to the pure trad rock spirit  than anyone else doing the rounds. – Gavin Strickmann

56. HakenAffinity (InsideOut Music)

Haken have been on the verge of greatness for a few years now, and surely Affinity brings them within touching distance of the prize; Crunchy instrumentation, irresistible choruses, the sort of wilful fleetness of imagination only the true greats posses… they aren’t far away now! – Ferry Templeton

55. KingReclaim the Darkness (Indie Recordings)

“Despite the glacial production, despite the grim-faced proficiency of the instrumental churn, despite the bleak, unforgiving facade of uncompromising kvlt, Reclaim the Darkness remains one of the most pleasurable listening experiences you’ll have if you’ll only submit to it’s serpentine charms”. – Michael Stronge, 09/12/16

54. WitherscapeThe Northern Sanctuary (Century Media)

“Wow. Just, wow… Dan Swanö returns to the fray with an utterly astounding aural battery of gargantuan scope and execution… I can’t get The Northern Sanctuary off the stereo, and I’ll wager you’ll not be able to either. Not just highly recommended – I insist you give this a listen!” – Ferry Templeton, 20/07/16

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53. AnthraxFor All Kings (Nuclear Blast)

This Battle Chose Us is quite frankly the best thing I’ve heard from Anthrax since their 1990 cover of Joe Jackson’s Got the Time. Put simply, this is the type of song that put Anthrax where they are now, and with bloody good reason. Sparkling riffage, rock solid rhythmic propulsion and a chorus most bands could only dream about, it’s the sound of a band remembering where they hid the golden ticket, and it’s glorious” – Michael Stronge, 16/02/16

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52. Nordic UnionNordic Union (Frontiers Music)

“Forty minutes of serviceable, at times actually pretty good, melodic hard rock of the sort that this label has spent twenty years cornering the market in”. – Scott Adams, 01/03/16

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51. ArtilleryPenalty by Perception (Metal Blade)

“Albums like this make me glad that bands feel they can have a second (or third) age, and certainly with Penalty… Artillery have proved that they ain’t just a bunch of old hacks looking for one last paycheck”. – Michael Stronge, 22/04/16

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