There are five new entries and a new number one on this week’s Sentinel Daily Top Thirty Album Chart…

1. (-) HawkwindStories From Time and Space (Cherry Red)
2. (-) Judas PriestInvincible Shield (Sony)
3. (1) ExhorderDefectum Omnium (Nuclear Blast)
4. (2) Bruce DickinsonThe Mandrake Project (BMG)
5. (3) Sonata ArcticaCold Clear Beyond (Atomic Fire)
6. (4) DodenbezweerderAls De Hemel Zich Vult Met Apocalyptisch Kopergeschal (Improved Sequence)
7. (6) The Neptune Power FederationGoodnight My Children (Cruz Del Sur Music)
8. (5) Symphony of SwedenHaunted (Own Label)
9. (9) LionheartThe Grace of a Dragonfly (Metalville)
10. (10) Durbin Screaming Steel (Frontiers Music)
11. (14) IronboundSerpent’s Kiss (Ossuary Records)
12. (7) Ace Frehley10,000 Volts (MNRK Heavy)
13. (-) Early MoodsA Sinner’s Past (RidingEasy Records)
14. (12) AtrophyAsylum (Massacre Records)
15. (13) David ReeceBaptized By Fire (El Puerto Records)
16. (11) The ObsessedGilded Sorrow (Ripple Music)
17. (15) Hands of GoroHands of Goro (Own Label)
18. (20) AbsolonThe Blood Seed (No Life Til Metal Records)
19. (18) Stygian Crown Funeral For A King (Cruz Del Sur Music)
20. (17) LeahThe Glory & The Fallen (Ex-Cathedra Records)
21. (8) WhiteabbeyThe Words That Form The Key (Metalapolis)
22. (22) Hell Boulevard Requiem (NoCut Entertainment)
23. (-) Dragonforce Warp Speed Warriors (Napalm Records)
24. (21) InverOn This Earth (Own Label)
25. (23) Dust Bolt Sound & Fury (AFM Records)
26. (-) SpeedkillerInferno (Helldprod)
27. (26) FirewindStand United (AFM Records)
28. (27) Lutharo Chasing Euphoria (Atomic Fire Records)
29. (24) BokassaAll Out of Dreams (Indie Recordings)
30. (25) NecrowretchSwords of Dajjal (Season of Mist)

We don’t have a video for this week’s number one album, Stories From Time and Space by Hawkwind yet – so her’s a clip from the second highest new entry – at number two, it’s Judas Priest!

1. Hanoi RocksOriental Beat (40th Anniversary Re(al)Mix) (Svart Records)
2. StargazerLife Will Never Be The Same Again (Mighty Music)
3. HostIX (Nuclear Blast)
4. Teksti-TV 666Vapauden tasavalta (Svart Records)
5. Blak29The Waiting (Cleopatra Records)

1. SaxonCarpe Diem (Silver Lining Music)
2. Space ElevatorPersona Non Grata (Own Label)
3. FMThirteen (Frontiers Music)
4. Symphony of SwedenSaints of Yesterday (Own Label)
5. Jizzy Pearl’s Love/Hate Hell, Ca (Golden Robot Records)

1. CoronarySinbad (Cruz Del Sur Music)
2. StarmenBy The Grace of Rock n’Roll (Melodic Passion)
3. DurbinThe Beast Awakens (Frontiers Music)
4. AngelineWe Were Raised On Radio (Blow Your Fez Off)
5. EvilPossessed By Evil (Nuclear War Now!)