The band’s as yet untitled third album will be their first new full length since 2006’s Death Of A Dead Day and follows on from last year’s acclaimed
Opacities EP recorded after their reunion performance at the UK’s legendary Download Festival. The new album is scheduled for release on May 26, with the first single and video entitled No Wishbones available now!

You can watch the lyric video produced for No Wishbones below.

Vocalist Mikee Goodman gives his insight to this thought provoking song “No Wishbones was inspired by travelling to many places around the world and seeing the extremes of poverty and how some people have to live their lives; whilst also observing the financial wealth of others in those very places. It affected me deeply. Anyway, the song is just a reflection, I say in the lyrics I am just a commentator observing, like many of us.”

Mikee also reveals how the recording sessions are progressing “We’ve started recording and it is sounding really vibey so far. This album should be a lot more aggressive than our Opacities EP on the whole. A lot of slamming grooves there, also lots of intricacy and dynamics as always”. He goes on to explain the creative process within the band “There is a formula in SikTh which works well. I always take the lead in the early stages and also I write all lyrics. But of course I am open to Joe Rosser, our new vocalist’s melodic input later on. We have not entered that stage yet. These initial steps are me laying my ideas in, since I have a great studio set up, if I do something awesome now, it goes straight on the record. That’s a great thing because as most vocalists will tell you, it’s all about the vibe and feeling. It’s all about the moment.”

Mikee also adds that “This has been the most stressful album I can remember making, it has pushed some of us to our limits and some beyond. I must say that from hearing songs back now I am starting to think we have created something very special here. I think this is going to shake things up in the heavy musical world. We have pushed ourselves that bit further on this one”.

The vocals are primarily being recorded at Mikee’s own studio and at Adrian Smith’s (Iron Maiden) R&R Studios; Mikee & Adrian Smith worked together previously on the Primal Rock Rebellion project.

The guitars and drums will be recorded at the renowned Monkey Puzzle House studios. Dan Weller will be producing, alongside Adam “Nolly” Getgood (Periphery), handling mixing duties. The new album is to be released via Millennium Night, the newly created imprint from Snapper Music, home of Peaceville Records & Kscope and will be available in Australia via Rocket.

The label imprint name, chosen by SikTh, comes from the track taken from their debut 2003 album The Trees Are Dead & Dried Out Wait for Something Wild.

Mikee explains “We have signed to Millennium Night, which is a new division of Snapper Music; they decided they would invent a new label just for us, we don’t fit in and we never felt the need to”.

Ahead of the release of their new studio album the band will head out on tour across the UK & Europe with Trivium.

Further details on the new album including title, artwork and special guests will be revealed over the coming weeks.

Sikth are:
Pin – guitar
Dan Weller – guitar
Dan Foord – drums
James Leach – bass
Mikee W Goodman – vocals
Joe Rosser – Vocals