Perth metal powerhouse Silent Knight have just announced their third full-length album, Full Force, is due for release on Friday, September 23rd, 2022. Accompanying this exciting announcement, the group also unveiled their video for the blistering title track – already described by Sentinel Daily‘s Ferry Templeton as “the best thing of it’s kind I’ve heard all year!”

Full Force hones in on Silent Knight’s signature infusion of European power metal melodicism​ ​coupled with the razor-sharp aggressiveness of American thrash metal. Jam-packed with​ ​rhythmically sophisticated guitarwork, methodically curated melodies and superbly tight drum​ ​and bass grooves, this tune will have your fist pumping in no time. Frontman Dan Brittain‘s​ ​vocals elevate the track to a whole new level with his larger than life range and mellifluous​ ​dynamism.

Guitarist Cameron Nicholas says: “Like most Silent Knight songs, the lyrics often have a fantasy​ ​edge that serve as metaphors for real life scenarios. Life can often throw unexpected curveballs,​ ​forcing us to turn within and follow our unshakeable certainty to see us through… the​ ​Masterplan, some would say. As such, Full Force focuses on removing roadblocks, firing on all​ ​cylinders, our love of metal and a celebration of what we do as a band. It musically concentrates​ ​on the high energy elements of the Silent Knight sound and was the first track written​ ​specifically with Dan’s voice in mind.”

Following a succession of highly acclaimed releases, Silent Knight toured nationally and internationally with heavyweights such as Dragonforce, Korpiklaani, Turilli Lione Rhapsody, Helloween, David Ellefson, Zakk Wylde’s Black Label Society and Ross The Boss and secured festival slots at the Hammersonic  and November Rain festivals in Indonesia and Headbangers Open Air festival in Germany. The group’s current and previous body of work has been garnering global coverage and airplay with features on a variety on metal sites and in the print media. With the release of Full Force on the horizon, Silent Knight are primed to take over the heavy music realm within Australia and beyond.

Blood In The Water
Full Force
The Last Candle Burns
Dark And Mysterious Times
Screaming Eagle
Into Oblivion
Create A New World