That’s right, grab your helmet and start training now as New York death metal legends Suffocation and their very special guests, Boston progressive death metal masters Revocation team up for the ultimate night of destruction.

With nine albums under their belts and widely regarded as one of the founding pioneers of the entire death metal genre, Suffocation have been laying down the blueprint since 1988. When their debut album, Effigy of the Forgotten, came bursting out of speakers in 1991, the game was forever changed. Crushing riffs, blasting drums and those inhumanly deep vocals influenced every single band that was to follow in their footsteps. Their balancing of brutality with technical mastery is often imitated but never replicated and as we know, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

To date, Suffocation have played over two thousand shows, giving audiences all over the world massive doses of unforgettable blasts and trademark slams. Truly, the group’s global influence is unmistakable and undeniable. Their forthcoming new album, Hymns from the Apocrypha, which came out on November 3, isn’t merely another album but a statement of savage intent. Suffocation always have been and are here to slay!

Band bassist Derek Boyer says of Hymns… “We will always be pushing for an extreme edge. After decades of this, we’re not just going add a violin or feature a spoon man or some other bullshit. Suffocation is raw, aggressive, fast, heavy, brutal death metal. Just as it has always been and will always be.”

Nuff said!

Adding to the crushing weight of Suffocation, Revocation bring their technically-charged, high-energy extreme metal to the country once again. These virtuosos may have a “progressive” edge, but make no mistake, they are one hundred per cent pure, face-melting death metal. A relentless barrage of aggression, precision, and brutality, taken to insane levels of technicality. Slamming riffs, groove laden bridges and epic solos that are often hypnotic and haunting is what you get when this three piece take the stage.

Revocation have delivered six albums across two decades. Their latest, 2022’s Netherheaven, explores the allegorical and literal aspects of Hell as the band dig deeper into the darker, more diabolical side of death metal.

Frontman Dave Davidson succinctly says, “The new songs on Netherheaven are evil and sinister but also have a progressive element to them to keep things interesting. It’s got our stamp on it, no question.”

Revocation’s music is heavy, aggressive, clever, and ruthlessly crafted.

18/04/2024 – Brisbane, The Brightside
19/04/2024 – Sydney, Factory Theatre
20/04/2024 – Canberra, The Basement
21/04/2024 – Melbourne, Corner Hotel
23/04/2024 – Adelaide, Lion Arts Factory

NZ Dates – Suffocation Only:
25/04/2024 – Wellington, Valhalla
26/04/2024 – Christchurch, Loons
27/04/2024 – Auckland, Galatos