WAHAAAYYYYY!!!! Hats off to Sweet Teeth!

It’s rare these days to hear a record that really, truly, takes you back to the state of euphoria you used to feel in your teens when confronted with the tunes that would become the soundtrack of your life. Too much water has gone under the bridge, too many kicks in the teeth have been sustained, the veil has been pierced once too often…

So imagine my surprise when big bossman Scott Adams passed me this little nugget with the comment ‘it took me back to the Town and Country Club in 1987’; We both saw alt.rock/punk Gods Hüsker Dü in London at that venue in that year – and, no word of a lie… twenty seconds into the opening track on this storming album, High Anxiety, I did feel like I’d been transported back to those halcyon days… Unbelievable!

However, the best thing to report here is that yes, if you’re in your fifties then this album is gonna take you back to your days of gauche youth – but it’s not going to appeal only to the beer bellied and bearded massive that makes up the bulk of my readership… Oh no, on High Anxiety, the ‘Teeth have made an album that’s vital, relevant and ready to make anybody, of any age, fall in love with it on first hearing!

Tracks like the total track, with it’s Titanic, Mouldesque feel and massive ambition, are simply as good as it gets in the world of alt./punk rock in 2022; This is epic music that mainlines on emotion, punching a bigger hole in the heart in it’s sub-two minute duration than most bands could manage in ten times the time, whilst October and Wasted are simply two of the best pieces of rock n’roll songwriting you’ll hear this year whatever style of music you favour.

High impact stuff, then, and in guitarist/vocalist Andrea Axelson I think I just might have found a new hero… This is Must-buy music!

High Anxiety is out now.