Aussie metallers Teramaze have unleashed some new tuneage!

Says the band: “Perfect World combines the fun, exciting side of eighties metal and rock with the modern riffage and vocal production that Teramazeis best known for. Perfect World delivers a punch to the gut with it’s over charged lightning solos and thunderous riffs, followed by an uppercut of incredible vocals that will knock you out cold. We don’t hold back with this track, and we have more to come very soon!”

Guitarist Dean Wells adds: “Perfect World was a lot of fun to write and record and we knew we had something pretty special half way through the process. We thought it really needed an energetic fun music video to complement it, and this is what we came up with. Perfect World is a blend of our …Halo-type sound with a fusion of our more recent albums and I think our fans old and new should really love this track!”

Dean Wells – Guitars / Vocals
Nathan Peachey – Vocals
Andrew Cameron – Bass Guitar
Chris Zoupa – Guitars
Nick Ross – Drums