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West Australian melodic death metal group Remission have recently unveiled a music video for the title track from their forthcoming debut album The Tether’s End, which is set for release today (November 15th)!

Recorded between Vision Studios and their rehearsal space by Cody Brooks, mixed and mastered by Colin Dickie, The Tether’s End features eleven tracks spanning fifty three minutes of powerful and aggressive music. It’s a fierce and pummelling mixture of crushing thrash and melodic death-metal in the vein of Sylosis and The Black Dahlia Murder.

Formed in 2014 by Jacson Robb (Vocals/Guitar) and Lewis Oliver (Drums), the band’s first recording an EP titled Genocide was released in 2016 and allowed Remission to tour throughout Australia and Japan alongside acts like Psycroptic, Taake, Bloodshot Dawn and Earth Rot.

Right after the last tour, Curt Everett (Guitar) and Josh Vaile (Bass/Vocals) were added to the group just in time for the recording of the band’s debut album, The Tether’s End, which is set to be a tour de force of blisteringly fast and crushingly heavy metal. Soaring melodies accompany the pounding riffs, backed up by thunderous, clockwork drums that lay the foundations for Jacson Robb’s brutal vocals, which follow the themes of politics, war, world issues and mental health.

Volume VI
Also from Perth, and also with a brand, spanking new album to spruik, are alt.rock unit Moana, the musical vehicle for artist Moana Mayatrix.

Since the group’s inception in 2013, countless words have been written about the avant garde art rock outfit, all edging around the idea that there is something otherworldly, verging on genuinely dangerous, about this act.

Combining the shamanic stream-of-consciousness poetry of peak- era Patti Smith with psychedelic melodies, heavy guitar licks, and propulsive rhythms, Moana doesn’t so much craft songs as pagan prayers set to the heartbeat of the world.

New album In The Allure featured four incredible singles all with their own unique and captivating music videos for the tracks Dracula, Sister Winter, Scarab and The Cultess, which you can watch below!

Moana transgresses the boundaries of form and genre, incorporating experimental art, theatre, spoken word performance, poetry, costuming, and more in a cross- media synchresis that engages all the senses physical and beyond, in a kind of ecstatic reverie. A singular approach to music and art has gathered to them a fiercely loyal tribe of fans, who have engaged with the project to successfully crowdfund not only their sophomore EP, but also part of the just-releaseddebut album.

A regular and welcome fixture on the local live scene in their native Perth, Australia, Moana have played stellar local festival slots including RTRFM’s In the Pines, State of the Art Festival, Dali Land 2019, Beaufort Street Festival, Norfolk Lanes Youth Festival, Rottofest and have supported the likes of Tim Rogers, Abbe May, and Ocean Alley.

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Adelaide’s Alda Sky are back with their ferocious new tune Unfavoured ahead of jumping up to support Windwaker on their Adelaide leg of their headline tour at the end of November.

The band brings soaring light and perfectly contrasted dark shade to the table with Unfavoured, the band’s first release in over two years which was produced mixed and mastered in Melbourne by Chris Lalic (Windwaker). Lyrically, Unfavoured addresses the inherent need to feel wanted and connected in amongst a world that is so connected that one voice simply becomes white noise in a void of billions more.

Vocalist Josh Badcock highlights the motivation behind the new single in saying that “all the while we suffer as rejects and second class citizens, we witness the ruling elite impose systems of fear and control, whilst the world fights itself over irrelevant issues. Dealing with all of these issues, it becomes a struggle knowing who to trust and whether trying to live a ‘normal’ life is better than looking for the quickest way out.”

Badcock is joined in Alda Sky by Jake McDonald (guitars/vocals), Drew McDonald (guitar), Ben Maule (drums) and Rhys Ritchie (bass/vocals) and together the five-piece released their debut EP Reflections a couple of years ago. This paved the way for two years of climbing the ranks in the Australian hardcore scene, building themselves a solid fan base and a loyal live crowd.

Alda Sky have earned themselves support slots alongside fellow Australian heavy bands including Windwaker, Ocean Sleeper, Mirrors, Life Pilot, Diamond Construct, Days of Deceit and The Daily Chase to name a few. Alda Sky have built a reputation for their fast paced, melodic metal grooves and climactic rhythmic choruses and are excited to end the year with the unveiling of their brand new, progressed and mature sound. They support for Windwaker in Adelaide at Enigma Bar Friday November 22 with Diamond Construct and Heartline.

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Part punk, part thrash and one hundred per cent rock and roll, Silverlight Shadows are a high octane trio who go for the throat. Formed in Melbourne in 2016 by meetings through mutual friends, Silverlight Shadows recorded their eponymous debut album after a mere handful of jam sessions. Ever prolific, the band dropped another full length, Headspace in 2017, the herald of years of hard work to come. Fusing the sounds of bands like Magic Dirt and Tumbleweed, these Jason Fuller produced madmen want to take on the world.

Never a band to shy from the hustle, Silverlight Shadows have built a reputation on powerful live shows defined by their driving riffs and demolition drumming. Behind this though, they hold a deep well of content. This ranges from the exclusive artwork they collaborate on with their talented friends to the three high quality music videos they have dropped since their inception. It has even manifested in special editions, including an exclusive run of twenty seven hand painted vinyl copies of their debut album by artist Benjamin Phillips Nozrachev.

Now Silverlight Shadows are looking forward to the release of their next single, Black The World, which will come on a split with Monarchus and promises to see them evolve their sound ever further. With a long history of garnering devout fans, they have earned a place as regulars on their local PBS and Triple R stations. Now as they take the next step they want to grow with the global rock underground in mind. Seeking to bring a new breed of heavy rock out of the Antipodes, Silverlight Shadows are about to blast off!