Seven years after the critically acclaimed Flesh Is Heir, whose vanguard approach brought to life a mesmerising mixture of industrial and death metal, EVP Recordings are thrilled to announce the fourth The Amenta opus, namely Revelator. As depicted in the cover artwork, the heart of the Australian extreme metal innovators might be crooked, but full of energy and will to transcend and further expand the limits of the Metal genre.

The Amenta have, therefore, used their seven-year hiatus to methodically deconstruct and reimagine their already distinctive core sound: incorporating maximalist industrial black metal ballast, disturbingly cinematic ambient/noise textures, treated violin, dread acoustics and circuit-bent electronics into a labyrinthine set of infectious hymns to societal collapse which juxtapose dreamlike moments of strange calm with sensory overload, savage discord and unease.

For The Amenta frontman Cain Cressall it was clear from the beginning that Sere Money needed moving pictures to accompany the tunes: “I think the main thing why we chose Sere Money as our first single was its cinematic, infectious energy which pulses throughout the track. It has a very strong “visual” element to it that inspires the imagination and takes the listener on a ride. The opening hook grabs you by the throat takes you on a descent into deeper and deeper levels of cathartic discomfort. That “grab-factor” just seemed to appeal to all of us as a great way to introduce our new sound to our listeners.”

However, one may also understand Sere Money as a necessary and conscious disruption for the listener, making sure no one believes that Revelator is simply sounding the same as Flesh Is Heir, as keyboard player and composer Timothy Pope states: “I think in some ways we chose this song to introduce the band because it is such a huge step away from what came before. If we had come back from a seven-year hiatus with something that sounded too close to a continuation of what came before, we personally would be bored and uninspired by it. I’m not sure if that is the case for listeners to our band, but for us as artists that would have just been a waste of time. Who knows if it will work, but imagining myself as the ideal consumer of our music, I would prefer to be somewhat confused by an initial song but be intrigued enough to dig into the album to try to understand it. In my experience with other bands who have gone through similar evolutions, this has been the most rewarding way to understand and appreciate their art. I hope this has the same effect for others.”

Recorded by the band and mixed by guitarist Erik Miehs, Revelator is the most openly organic and crushing the band has sounded to date. Mastering has been meticulously crafted by Maor Applebaum (Faith No More, Sepultura) and the album features artwork by the legendary Metastazis (Morbid Angel, Behemoth). Graced with an incisively dynamic pummelling from drummer-extraordinaire David Haley (Psycroptic, ex-Pestilence) and an avowedly contemporary, genre-defying performance from vocalist Cain Cressall, Revelator sees a band always dead-set on boundary-pushing revelling in a fresh sense of renewal as they combine harrowing concepts, inventively virtuous musicianship and immediate song craft into the landmark record of a lauded career.