The Cold Stares’ track Head Bent, from the Small Stone released album of the same name, can be heard playing in a special promo video celebrating the Fourth of July and Detroit’s classic Altes Beer!

The idea, born over a few backyard libations among friends, one of which who recently brought back a new and improved version of a Motor City classic known as Altes Beer, was to make a sixty-second film that would have an old school VHS feel, and ramp it up with one of the most renowned of classic action figures, Evel Knievel, and some great rock and roll from Small Stone Records in the form of The Cold Stares, as well as Throttlerod Matt Whitehead who performs The Star-Spangled Banner that kicks off and concludes the video.

“We did what any kid from that era would have done,” said Barry Walton owner of Endless Media:”We built some ramps, found an empty parking lot, and let it fly.”

What came of that experience was a throwback of epic jumps and a finale that could only be rivalLed by the red, white, and brew’s dare devil himself. Full of keg tapping jumps, beer can collisions, and those classic closeup crashes of the days of old, the piece conjures a retro feel of simpler times.

Comments Small Stone’s Scott Hamilton, “In these trying times, there is something very soothing about re-living your childhood… But now, you get to add beer, fireworks, and rock ‘n’ roll into the mix.”

Forged in 2008 and named in honour of The Black Crowes song Stare It Cold, The Cold Stares’ vocalist/guitarist/etc.-ist Chris Tapp and drummer/percussionist Brian Mullins united with the sole intent to jam. The result is a sonically and emotionally weighted, story-based brand of rock sung directly from the soul. Tapp’s unique guitar rig and Mullins’ giant bass drum provide a visual and sonic landscape for the two to travel on different paths than other acts.