You know the score by now: Virginian noisesmiths The Eating Cave (great name by the way) have created an album, Ingurgitate (even better than the band name) absolutely groaning under the weight of it’s own tech-death heaviness.

Tech-death, for those of you not in the know, is the apogee of human achievement in musical form. It gives me, personally, hope for us as a race going forward. Because when the aliens finally descend on our blighted planet, looking to feed on it’s emaciated carcass, one blast of Sadistic Entanglement from these blokes is all it will take to send the bug-eyed bastards scuttling back to their borg. Simples.

The Eating Cave understand perfectly what it takes to put an album like this together; impossibly jagged guitar work that alternates from bludgeon-riffola-to-rapier-sharp-lead-assault in the blink of an eye, inhuman work behind the kit (although as no drummer is credited here it may well really be inhuman drum work) and vocal belches dredged from the very bottom of your local tar works and presented for your delectation as ‘singing’. Throw them all together and you get insanely marvelous noise like A Godless Entity, where the guitars of Evan Hope and Tyler Boylan come as close as I’ve ever witnessed to flaying your very eardrums with their unrelenting kill power.

As savage aural savagery goes, this is pretty much where it’s at in 2022; if you can take the blast-furnace intensity of Thiago Campanhol‘s vocals on Aggregate Vanity I: Heretical Hypotheses then there’s a fair chance you’ll be a true believer by the time the ordeal ends, with the obvious obverse to that reaction being a complete breakdown of your capacity to control your own bowel movements and a vow never to let The Eating Cave anywhere near your nervous system ever again. Either way they’ll make an impact, but my word there’s a lot of fun to be had seeing which way your own particular cookie will crumble with respect to this. Come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough!

Ingurgitate releases on June 10th