Change is inevitable, and in the case of The Noctambulant, that change is nigh. After thoroughly exploring the musical landscapes of melodic black metal, this outfit from Jacksonville have opted to subtly adopt an aesthetic more authentic to their southern Floridian roots. Regardless of specific genre labels, however, The Noctambulant are primed and ready to raise a little hell on Hellrazor, their forthcoming EP.

This latest offering maintains a trademark dark approach, but, in a deliberate effort to reflect their surrounding environment, this crew have replaced Scandinavian snow covered peaks, pine forests, and wintry woods with the hot and oppressive swamps of their Floridian home. Being steeped in the traditions of blues, rockabilly, goth rock and American country, The Noctambulant have found inspiration in the Southern Gothic motif that they were raised around–all while keeping their signature blackened sound. As such, Hellrazor is four-tracks-and-an-intro of hook-laden blackened metal that consistently pushes against the boundaries of genre expectation.

Over the better part of the past decade, The Noctambulant have released a string of EPs, as well as their well-received first full length album, Advocatus Diaboli, in 2016. In those glorious days of yore, when performing live was a possibility, The Noctambulant’s unique sound terrorized and enthralled fans at Death to Miami III, Deland Metal Festival, and Black Kvlt Fest II. They have provided support for bands across the extreme metal spectrum, ranging from Moonspell, to Thy Antichrist, through Skeletonwitch, to Turisas.

The Noctambulant literally means “night walker”–a fitting title for a musical collective risen from the darkest catacombs of metal. Needless to say, if you’re in the mood for something that delivers aggression and an ominous atmosphere in equal measure, you should certainly consider a midnight stroll with Hellrazor.