Eagle-eyed fans of the various Black Sabbath lineups not involving Ozzy Osbourne may be interested to read this little snippet of information our News Chimps picked up over the mojo wire (or at least former vocalist Tony Martin‘s Facebook page…) recently, under the heading


This cryptic little tidbit drew the predicted Pavlovian response from the masses, resulting in hundreds of replies approving of the news. A day later Martin offered up a little more information on the subject in the shape of his own comment on the discussion thread, which read thusly:

“Right then you lot… … Thank you for all your optimistic thoughts and comments … I am really pleased that I got to chat with Tony, Its the first time we have really chatted about stuff in twenty years! So it was very cool to spend time laughing and generally catching up … He said he still wanted to do something but had not yet really managed to find the appropriate moment to get on it. He had heard one track off the Forbidden album that he had done and he said it sounded much better so that gave him hope and inspiration that the whole album could be re done… I am still waiting to find out if and when we might get together to work on something, but I do know he has lots of stuff potentially that could be used… but then he always DID have! I recall very vividly thinking how amazing it was that he can create so many workable riffs and sounds! He never was short of material… so I am excited and hopeful that I can help with SOMETHING!! … This call was really mostly a catch up .. and yes he is seeing out a cold… I don’t know when we might be able to get together but I can see from the thousands of well wishers amongst you that there is an appetite for it and I did tell him that you were all excited by the thought… So again lets see what happens. Do keep in touch and if anything evolves I will let you know… Thank you for engaging … it is always a pleasure. TM”.

Exciting news indeed, and of course we here at Sentinel Daily will be all over this story if it develops, so watch this space!