Danish label From The Vaults is extremely proud to announce the signing of British NWoBHM heroes, Trespass. The band, led by guitarist/vocalist Mark Sutcliffe, who formed in Suffolk in the late 70s as Track IV, will release its fourth studio album in May 2023. The set of songs, written at Mark’s home studio and recorded at Crooks Hall Studios (all in the wilds of Suffolk), will feature the signature twin guitars of Sutcliffe and Joe Fawcett, alongside the energy provided by new bassist Wil Wilmot and drummer Jason Roberts. The cover artwork will be provided by Mark Wilkinson (Marillion, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest).

“We are very pleased and excited that our new album is to be released on the From The Vaults label”, Mark states. “This is a very special album of songs that are very personal to me, both in subject matter and feel. We wanted to show more facets of the music of Trespass and I am confident, we have achieved that. The current lineup is a joy to be part of and it shows in the music!”.

“I hope very much that loyal Trespass fans, that have followed us since those great days of the NWoBHM, loving songs such as One Of These Days and Stormchild will find something here among these new songs they can enjoy every bit as much. We can’t wait to share them with you, be it on CD, vinyl or download. And of course live!”, the musician concludes.

Trespass was formed in 1979 in Sudbury, Suffolk by Mark Sutcliffe (guitar, vocals) and his brother Paul on drums. The band enjoyed success and critical acclaim as part of the New wave of British Heavy Metal in the early eighties, although it has only released a few singles and an EP – the cult Bright Lights, from 1981. Songs such as One Of These Days, Stormchild and Bright Lights have made their mark.

In the nineties, Trespass was back in full action and in 1993 the band finally released their long-awaited debut album Head, helping keep the NWoBHM flame alive in a dark decade for traditional metal. The second album, self-titled, surfaced in 2015, and the group didn’t need another decade for a follow-up, with Footprints In The Rock being released three years after, with reactions, confirming that Trespass music is still enjoyed by rock and metal fans all over the world. While preparing the next full-length release, Trespass is currently rehearsing a set of classics old and new, for UK and European shows next year.