Hailing from San Francisco and emerging towards the tail end of hard rock/glam rock heyday, Vain could have easily faded into obscurity among the plethora of one-hit wonder hair metal bands from that era. However, their 1989 debut album, No Respect, a fixture on nearly every “underrated album” list from that time, showed them as not your average hair metal band. A perfect mix of infectious lyrics, smooth vocals, and memorable riffs, Vain’s debut album remains a must-listen from that era. Vain has consistently put out records over the years, exploring various genres but always holding onto their rock roots with albums like 1993’s Move on it. 2011’s stellar release Enough Rope and 2017’s Rolling with the Punches (which nestled in at number seven on Sentinel Daily‘s Top One Hundred Album Rundown for that year) showed Vain firmly back into the hard rock genre. Their latest full-length offering, Disintegrate Together, recently landed in the S D inbox, and we couldn’t wait to give it a listen.

Right from Davy Vain‘s opening scream, Cold Like Snow has an infectious energy that wastes no time drawing you in. Echoing the spirit of their debut hit Beat the Bullet, Cold Like Snow ensnares listeners with its hard rock beat and irresistible chorus, which had me singing along (sorry to those around me) in no time. By the end of the song, it is clear, Vain is back.

Tracks like Holding on for Love and Pictures in Red evoke the raw, hungry sound of Vain’s early years while seamlessly blending with the new album’s vibe. Meanwhile, Don’t You Think and The Flowers infuse a bluesy-rock groove driven by the dynamic interplay between original bassist Ashley Mitchell and Davy Vain’s commanding vocals.

Throughout the album, Dylana Nova‘s slick guitar work dazzles with impressive riffs and standout solos, perfectly complementing Vain’s songwriting prowess. For me, songs like Back in ’89 and Better Keep An Eye On That Girl are highlights from Dylanna, although there are plenty throughout the album.

KC Swinger channels the classic glam/sleaze sound reminiscent of Sunset Strip days of spandex and big hair, while the title track, Disintegrate Together, introduces an emotional ballad that adds depth to the album without feeling out of place.

For longtime Vain fans, Disintegrate Together will strike a nostalgic chord, serving as a potent reminder of the band’s enduring appeal. Yet, beyond nostalgia, the album stands as a formidable hard rock record and well worth a listen. It’s easy to envision standout tracks like Cold Like Snow and Holding on for Love, earning coveted spots on the live setlist alongside the Vain classics.

Disintegrate Together releases on May 1st.