It’s been six long years since the San Francisco quintet’s last record, Rolling With The Punches, but Vain is back with what might very well be the best album of their career.

Blasting onto the hard rock scene in 1989 with their debut album No Respect and it’s lead off single Beat The Bullet, the band made magazine covers and girl’s bedroom walls alike with what is frequently hailed as one of the most underrated albums of all time.

Since then the different incarnations of Vain have released seven more albums (one billed as a Davy Vain solo record), ranging in style from big eighties hard rock, to seventies big groove, to sixties psychedelia before somehow making a full circle back to hard rock with 2011’s Enough Rope.

Vain have dabbled in all these styles without ever losing their musical backbone or integrity, much due to the band’s highly original sound. Singer Davy Vain’s unique voice is every bit as good as it was in 1989, as are his original way of writing vocal melodies – catchy, memorable and sleazy. Perfectly complimented by the outstanding guitarwork of lead guitarist Dylana Nova Scott – a world class guitarist – who’s choice of notes for solos go hand in hand with the vocals. Rock solid drummers Tommy Rikard and Louie Senor provide the beats and bassist Ashley Mitchell knows exactly when to play the rootnote and when to venture out in walking basslines.

So.… what do you expect from a new Vain record? – Uptempo songs? – Big guitar sound? – Huge drums? – Great melodies, riffs and arrangements? – hard rock? – A fast blues rocker? – Maybe a slower, moodier piece? Disintegrate Together has all this and more! Produced and mixed by Davy Vain himself, on his new board, this record is more organic than the last few albums, yet much “hotter” in sound, than the more organic Vain records from the past. A meticulous blend of everything Vain, for a timeless sound and record.

Check out the first single Cold Like Snow and rest assured, there is lots more where that came from!