The band made a triumphant return to the fore after six long years away in August 2020 with their latest album, the incredible Dead Elysium.

Sentinel Daily‘s own Ferry Templeton opined of the record: “A stunning return from these power metal veterans… This far into their career – they formed in 1995 – Melbourne’s Vanishing Point can be relied upon to uphold their musical legacy with each release they put out. If you are already a fan of the band you’ll have a fair idea of what new release, Dead Elysium (their first in six years), is going to sound like. However there’s a fair chance you’ll be blown away with just how fresh, how revitalised the band sounds on this new album. It was always going to be great to have the band back, but in this form? well, that’s an added bonus most of us could only have dreamed of.”

In May and June 2022, that first paragraph hope is fulfilled, as VP will be taking to the road for a run of shows on the east coast, with an additional special show in Adelaide. Vanishing Point are at last able to give their fans the full sensory overload of experiencing Dead Elysium live!

VP guitarist, Chris Porcianko, says of hitting the road: “We released Dead Elysium in 2020 not knowing that we would be delayed “a little bit and then a little bit more“ in regards to supporting the album, by the time we start this tour in May 2022 it will be quite a while since the album was released.

It’s a little bit strange but as they say “better late than never”.

We will be playing live for the first time songs from the Dead Elysium album as well as various songs from our previous albums, so it’s gonna be cool to have the new guys on the road with us after all this time. We look forward to seeing all our fans and hitting the road finally”

Thursday, May 19: Sooki Lounge, Belgrave
Friday, May 20: Stay Gold, Melbourne
Saturday, May 21: Enigma Bar, Adelaide
Saturday, May 28: The Brightside, Brisbane
Friday, June 3: The Basement, Canberra
Saturday, June 4: Crowbar, Sydney