Welcome! For the benefit of our readers please identify yourself and your role in Collateral… “Hey! I’m Angelo Tristan and i’m front and centre of the band!”

Good to have you along for the ride! Collateral formed after the NWOCR page appeared and became established on Facebook, so for you as a band it’s always been there – was it important for
the band as a plank in your original plans to get a foothold with the members of the group? “Of course! every fan is the life of any band and the NWOCR group were a ready made, strong and loyal group. So this definitely helped us gain momentum very quickly. I see us maybe a little on the outskirts of the NWOCR scene as our music tends to be more towards the glam/pop rock side and yet still so many of the NWOCR fans have gravitated towards us. This shows just how music transcends in all walks of life. We are very proud and honoured to be regarded as a NWOCR band”.

The movement covers a wide range of musical styles and genres – what does the term ‘classic rock’ mean to you? “No nonsense rock, nothing fancy, just rock from the soul”.

And as an adjunct to that, if you could have appeared on any classic rock album from the past, what would it be? “Slippery When Wet!”

Well, we gave you one choice – might as well choose a big one! Who would you say were your favourite artists who appear on the The Official New Wave Of Classic Rock – Volume 1 album? “I love Sons of Liberty! We’ve played with nearly all of the bands on the album but they are just so much fun!”

Obviously it’s hard to talk about anything music industry-related without mentioning COVID – how did the pandemic impact the band, and what plans do you have moving forward if and when things return to normal? “It was a huge fucking mess! We’d just released our album half way through our tour with Phil X of Bon Jovi, it went to number five in the official rock charts, we had twenty seven countries booked including Japan and Australia with Skid Row, H.E.A.T., Reckless Love and Dan Reed! We were due to play the Main stage at (UK Rock Festival) Ramblin’ Man Fair along with some major festivals around Europe then BANG! All gone in one day. So yeah….. it fucking sucks. But, the good news is that it has all been re scheduled. We’re just praying that it all goes ahead now”.

Amen to that. Have sites like The New Wave of Classic Rock Facebook page been useful in maintaining momentum for you over the last fourteen months? “Of course! We have been busy behind the scenes and just got our heads down developing plans and writing et cetera, the group has always been there for us and has been a rock for us for the past year and more!”

And will continue to be so I’m sure! Now, here’s your chance to curate your own stage at Sentinel Daily’s virtual classic rock festival – which five ‘classic’ bands would you select, and why?
“Bon Jovi – Because they got me into the world of music when i was a kid.
Queen – One of the first bands I started to learn on Guitar.
Daughtry – Got me through some bad times a few years back.
Famyne – Because they can create some noise and half.
The Eagles – You can’t beat the musicianship and songwriting. Also the first band I ever heard”.

Well I guess number one was a shoe in! But I must admit I’m surprised by how often The Eagles are cropping up in this series! Anything else you’d like to tell the readers of Sentinel Daily? “Keep your eyes peeled for a major release just after summer!”

New Wave of Classic Rock – Volume One releases on July 23rd.