Sydney’s sludged-out groovers Black Rheno hit Vitoria this weekend for the last round of shows on their Vengence of the Hound tour. Teaming up with some of Victoria’s absolute finest heavy acts, including FrankenBok, High as Hell, Protospasm, Munitions, Goat Sharman, Life Deprived and Vexation, these shows are stacked to the brim with a slew of high-level riff merchants. Over the last month or so, Black Rheno have been on an absolute tear, destroying regional and capital stages, including appearances at The New Dead Fest in Adelaide and Haloween Hysteria in Brisbane. This tour has come off the back of their latest release, a limited run 7″ split vinyl with US noise rockers Child Bite featuring two absolute banging tunes from both bands. This nifty little record delivers full slabs of groove and grind from Black Rheno and mind-altering noise rock from the Child Bite crew; a must-listen and definitely one for the collection!

Black Rheno’s latest single, Flea Ridden (which is also the inspiration for the name of the tour Vengence of the Hound Tour), showcases the band firing all cylinders. Full-blown grooved out riffs blended with dirty blasting grind sections that seamlessly slide into some absolutely huge hooks that get the head nodding in full swing. In its own tongue and cheek way, the song points out that how we as a human population treat our planet won’t actually kill it but will essentially make it inhabitable for our own survival as we destroy a tonne of beauty along the way. Then one day, this planet, like a dog ridding itself of fleas, is going to shake every one of us off if we don’t make some massive changes… and the video clip is a total rager too!

Black Rheno – Victorian tour dates

Geelong, Thursday, May 12th – The Barwon Club Hotel – Supports: High as Hell, Life Deprived and Munitions

Frankston, Friday, May 13th – Singing Bird Studios – Supports: High as Hell, Goat Shaman and Munitions

Melbourne, Saturday, May 14th – Last Chance Rock n Roll Bar – Supports: High as Hell, Protospasm and Munitions

Sunbury, Sunday, May 15th – Sound System Studios – Supports;Frankenbok and Vexation