Blindstone may be a new name to many Sentinel Daily readers, but they’ve a long, illustrious history, finding acclaim in the blues rock scenes of both their Danish homeland and the US via nine well-received albums over the last twenty years.

Scars To Remember, their tenth full-length, is a tour de force of loud n’proud, blustering blooze rock, guaranteed to please wherever it finds its way onto a pub sound system anywhere in the world. Martin Jepsen Andersen‘s torrential avalanches of notes will hit the pleasure receptors of anyone who enjoys the work of names like Hendrix, Gibbons or Vaughan, and his easy-on-the-ear, lived-in voice hits all the right notes too – literally – guaranteeing that this is another album that’s going to find favour with old time rock n’roll fans not just in the band’s strongholds but anywhere where it manages to get some airtime.

Strident rockers like Waste Your Time are pure gold, with bassist Jesper Vegeberg Bunk strutting all over Sigurd Jøhnk-Jensen‘s punchy drumwork, before the to settle back into the pocket whilst Andersen struts his impressive stuff. It’s as comfortable as a pair of old slippers, it’s true, but my it hits the spot.

At it’s most punchy – opener Embrace The Sky, maybe – there’s a confident strut that recalls Whitesnake pre-Slide It In, whilst the thunderous, suitably-monikered Drums of War adds a bit of stadium rock bombast to the mix, and this is probably where the album is going to find favour most with readers of this organ. Both tracks wouldn’t have sounded out of place on the Smith/Kotzen album that came out a couple of years back, with a power-packed production and top-notch performances from all concerned.

It’s easy sometimes to simply switch off whenever the word ‘blues’ slips into an album’s description, but truly Blindstone bring the blues with fire, sincerity and a real talent that makes their music as compelling as it may be familiar. In a field of lazy, happy-to-coast chancers, Blindstone really are the real deal. Make sure you give this a go.

Scars To Remember releases on August 11th.