I first caught Buckcherry when they were here touring in December 2013. They played that tour supporting the outrageous Steel Panther and Fozzy.  I’m a relative newcomer to these guys and find I like their brand of sleazy, bluesy, rock and roll.  The band has been around from 1995, in various forms. They found a level of commercial success with their self-titled debut album (1999).  This album had the hit singles Lit Up (still one of my favourites) and Dead Again.  The band then took a hiatus with the members undertaking other projects for several years.  The band made a triumphant comeback in 2005 with another commercially successful run.  The release of their album 15 made it seem like they had never been away. The album included the hits Crazy Bitch, Everything and Next 2 You.

Later this month Buckcherry are releasing a sleazy, aggressive, aural assault in studio album number nine – Hellbound.  The ten-track record was produced by Marti Frederiksen. Fredericksen had previously produced the band’s fourth album, Black Butterfly, and co-wrote one of their biggest hits Sorry. Frederiksen co-wrote the majority of the album along with vocalist Josh Todd and guitarist Stevie D.  The album was recorded in Nashville in November 2020.

Long term fans of the band will be pleased as Hellbound follows the tried-and-true formula of previous albums.  This consistency allows for an easy listening experience, that is like slipping into a favourite pair of tight jeans, and because of this Hellbound plays to the bands strengths.  It’s all there: the gravelly vocals of Josh Todd, the bluesy rocking sound, driving beats and overt lyrics, as well as the slower ballad. The album rounds out around thirty six minutes playing time, but is time well spent for this listener.  I think there will be something in it for everyone.  My favourite tracks are: 54321, So Hott, Hellbound, and Wasting No More Time.



Hellbound releases on June 25.