Electrik Dynamite were first up for the evening. These guys and gal are Melbourne locals, and their new lead singer is taking his grooming hints from Zakk Wylde in a big way (not a bad thing). These guys were probably the heaviest sounding out of the three bands, and they were really entertaining and pretty damn good! Their sound certainly has some influences by the likes of Iron Maiden and others of their ilk, but with their own heavier edge. Good to see a keytar being rocked on stage! Keep your eyes peeled for local gigs.

Another Melbourne based band, Palace of the King were up next. These guys play some pretty tight sounding rock, with perhaps a hint of the Black Crowes. You could tell straight off that these guys scored a better sound mix than Electrik Dynamite (sucks to be the support-support act). We were treated to a pretty cool drum and bass ‘duet’ (can’t call it a solo when there’s two of ‘em jamming away), but then it was followed with a keyboard solo, and then a drum solo….perhaps too much, guys. These guys know how to play and the crowd enjoyed their efforts.

Buckcherry came on to a hearty welcome and dove straight into Lit Up, which had the crowd jumping from the get-go. Then came Broken Glass, which was the first of a number of songs from their 15 album (my personal fave). Josh Todd is one hell of an energetic dude – he only really stopped jumping and gyrating (and dare I say almost skipping) around the stage for the slower tunes, like Sorry. Guitarist Stevie D. and bassist Kelly LeMieux looked like they were having a fun time of it – smiles aplenty and adding emphasis to their vocals with some ‘serious’ eye movements. The guys played a couple of songs from their new album Rock ‘N’ Roll, but gave the majority of time to older, more familiar tunes.

If the crowd went off when the guys played Gluttony; then they absolutely went mental when they started up Crazy Bitch. A good a chance as any to sing along to a catchy, rocking tune, but to also get your swearsies on (can you say ‘fuck’, boys and girls?). They ended their set with this baby, but came back for an encore with Say Fuck It, (more or less a cover of Icona Pop’s, I love It, but rocked up – fucked up? I’m not so much a fan on this one) and Too Drunk To Fuck (definitely not the Dead Kennedys song of the same name). The crowd loved it, and jumped and sang along to their hearts’ content. These guys play great rock ‘n’ roll, and sounded spot on, but I would have kept Crazy Bitch for the encore – it’s the better song out of the last three played.

All in all, a pretty enjoyable night. Rock on people!