Swedish power trio Bürner are so sincere in their desire to bring heads-down, no-nonsense mindless boogie to the masses it’s almost painful. They’ve clearly put a lot of time and effort into creating their sound – which can more or less be described as Bon Scott fronting Motörhead – and on belting rockers like Haulin Ass‘ they nearly pull it off. Nearly.

The trouble is the style they seek to attain, being something we’d all have loved to see actually happen back in the day, is just too perfect to contemplate, an idea of heaven on Earth best left in the minds of it’s originators. Because good though they undoubtedly are, individually, the reality doesn’t quite live up to the dream.

That said, taken at face value as individual tracks divorced from ‘the concept’, there’s actually an awful lot to enjoy here. Gonzoid thrillers like Burnerator – leave your higher sensibilities at the cloakroom if you plan on listening – will have no trouble whipping up a storm wherever strong drink and heavy music cross paths, as will the philthy aggression of tracks like Warrior, an iron-fisted rager that is well worth the price of administration on it’s own.

Baptised in Gasoline is a little less effective, throwing a bit of Alex Harvey into the pot, but surprisingly, given the size of the task the band – comprised of Björn Ohlson (Guitars/Vocals), Mats Thuresson on Bass and drummer Jan Andersson – have set themselves, there isn’t anything here that could actively be described as rotten. This isn’t essential listening by any means, but at it’s best it’s very enjoyable listening indeed nonetheless.

Hittin’ The Target releases on September 15th.