Last November, I had the pleasure of getting to watch this gothic metal band play in Canberra.  I was very happy to hear them bring an array of their own work which I found covered a wide range and showcased some really catchy tunes.  The name of the band was CARMERIA.  I went home that night and had a look around Spotify to see what they had on offer and was ecstatic to see there was a good amount.  Fast forward a few months and I’ve got the chance to review Advenae, their new album.

‘This album has been six years in the making. From multiple line-up changes to various developments in direction, it feels quite surreal to finally release this body of work. We’re incredibly proud of what we’ve created, and are thrilled to be building on the momentum we’ve harnessed over the last twelve months. The band is in a brilliant phase of production and creativity at the moment. I am extremely excited for the future of Carmeria, and can’t wait to witness the ongoing response to this album.’  – Jordan Von Grae (Vocalist)

CARMERIA cite their influences from HIM, NIGHTWISH and the orchestration and cinematic work of HANS ZIMMER.  I’d add Kamelot in there as well from a few listens.  This is weaved beautifully throughout the album giving listeners an immersive experience throughout.  Songs can weave between upbeat tempo, guitar driven heaviness, to melodic interludes and gorgeous ballads. Vocally, Von Grae reminds a little of Ville Valo or Roy Khan at times when he is singing clean.  At other times he can unleash some rasping growls.  A high presence of keys throughout is not something I am normally a fan of, but in this album the keys support all songs magnificently, adding to the vaudevillian feel throughout.  Having the benefit of seeing them live, it works in beautifully with their shows as well.

The standout tracks for me are Morningstar, Carpe Noctem, Relinquished, Solaris, and the epic closer Eternity which is a tad over eleven minutes in duration.  Overall, I’d say Advenae hits the mark, the album comes in at just over an hour.  Each listen is a journey that I am happy to take, marvelling at the landscape that Carmeria have created.  I find something different on each listen and it is definitely worth multiple listens.

Advenae was Self Released on 18 March for the North American market, having been around in Australia a bit longer.

Check it out and I thoroughly recommend getting to see a live show if they are playing near you.

Jordan Von Grae – Vocals
Jerry Zahija – Guitar
Mishka Bobrov – Keys
Emma Louise Nagy – Bass
Lachlan Blackwood – Drums