Brit pomp rock Gods Cats In Space have announced the release of their fourth album Atlantis on November 27th via Harmony Factory / Cargo Records UK. The first single, I Fell Out of Love with Rock n’ Roll, was released on Friday October 30th – watch the video for the track below!

Cats In Space return with their fourth studio album this Northern Winter with the sensational Atlantis. Nine months in the making, it is set to cause tidal waves around the globe with a sound still ‘very Cats’ – but this time the ‘Rock claws’ are out…

In a year which has seen much upheaval in the world, the band have also undergone some changes whilst buried deep beneath the ocean recording their new masterpiece. Joining the Cats onboard is none other than the star of Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds, the amazing Damien Edwards, whose incredible vocal range has brought another dimension to the unique sounds of the band.

After three hugely acclaimed and successful albums, this new line-up will certainly get the fans buzzing in anticipation of the new ‘Aquatic monster’.

Says guitarist/songwriter Greg Hart: “Atlantis has been a testing journey for the band in many ways, taking into account some personal events and indeed the state of the business due to Covid-19. But, let us reassure you all, we believe that the new record is going to blow you away. It rocks more and has more symphony, courtesy of our good friend Mike Moran and his orchestra! We are super excited for everyone to hear what we believe is our finest album yet”

Cats In Space – What The Sentinel Said…

Of the band’s debut album, Too Many Gods… “Next up is the album’s first real tour de force, the quite superb Unfinished Symphony. Starting quietly with a nod to classic pre-hanky-in-the-back-pocket Springsteen, the track gets quickly into its stride before hitting an extravagant, pomp-laden chorus that’ll have you splitting your loon pants as you leap from the couch to join in. A paean to sticking to your guns and just following your dream, this is a hair-raisingly inspirational piece of hard rock that you’ll return to time and again to simply wallow in all its overblown grandeur”.

Of it’s follow up, Scarecrow: “Scarecrow offers a more intense listening experience than it’s predecessor. Everything is cranked up to eleven, and not just the volume. Opener Jupiter Calling is pure pomp rock nirvana, summoning the ghosts of names like BostonTouch and Angel to the table to do the band’s bidding; It succeeds in gloriously bombastic style, but this is Cats in Space we’re talking about, and this style is barely visited again as the band deploy every last trick in the book to give the listener value for money”.

Of Daytrip To Narnia, the third CIS opus… “Second track She Talks Too Much mixes UK rockers Queen and The Motors in pretty impressive fashion, whilst Tragic Alter Ego heads back to a staple Cats in Space device – the Beach Boys as played by American grunge popstrels Jellyfish… this is the Cats at their grandiose, wonderful best”.

Of the Cats in all their live glory: “Jeff Brown opens up The Greatest Story Never Told in superb fashion, adding a real seventies soul feel vocally; smooth and silky, just how the ladies used to like it… the mid section of the song is so seventies it hurts, and Mrs Strickmann told me later she half expected a side-stage invasion from the Nigel Lythgoe Dancers to take place… which doesn’t detract from the fact that the song is the greatest pomp rock song written since the glory days of the genre… the duelling solos from Greg Hart and Dean Howard at the end of the song underline just what a tremendous band Cats in Space are”.