Swedes The Dahmers are establishing quite a name for themselves in the glam-pop-punk stakes, and this new short-but-oh-so-sweet four tracker – it sadly lasts just a tick over ten minutes – will do nothing if not cement that reputation.

Basically if you know your Scandinavian onions but haven’t heard anything by this band, it’s OK – you already know what they sound like.

For the most part, on tracks like Without a Face and Kiss of Dario, that sound is a more than rough approximation of fellow Swedes The Gloria Story; Like them, this band takes it’s ‘punk’ influences from seventies power pop like Cheap Trick or perhaps Mott the Hoople and T-Rex rather than The Clash or the Sex Pistols. Consequently tracks like Creepiest Creep are raucously enjoyable slices of glam nostalgia rather than snot nosed belters.

Swedish bands have an uncanny knack for imitation, and they’ve seemingly got this particular sound off to a tee. So, if you already like names like Diamond Dogs, The Hellacopters or indeed The Gloria Story then The Dahmers are a band you’ll be able to digest with no problems at all. Fun times ahoy!


The Creepiest Creep will be released by Lövely Records on April 27th.