Despite this being only the second full-length offering from Greece’s Darklon, the band already displays a very strong identity on new platter The Redeemer.

They display a rare maturity on tracks like the opening track and the superb The Bloodstone; The combination of DK Krasonis‘ exemplarary metal guitar work and Nikos Migus A‘s classy vocals is a joy to behold. Despite being from Europe, the band have a real feel of classic early eighties US power metal about them (the vocals in particular remind this reviewer of Virgin Steele in their pomp), whilst the stomping anthem The Downfall, replete with Ross The Boss style chugging and Savvas Glykis‘ twanging four string work can’t help to get a sweat going under the collar, particularly if you love a bit of classic-period Manowar

It can’t be overstated just how good this band is at synthesising it’s influences into something wholly new and refreshing. Those influences are many and largely obvious, but, when the band let fly on absolute crackers like closing track Way Back Home there’s absolutely no denying the pure metal power inherent in their delivery. These blokes know just what makes classic metal great, and they display that knowledge time and again over the course of the eight tracks that make up The Redeemer. Each new listen reveals a little more to enjoy, and the band’s commitment to the metal cause, and the sincerity with which they deliver their message oozes class from every pore. I really can’t recommend this gorgeous little album highly enough. Congrats to all involved!

The Redeemer releases on May 19th.