American/Australian heavy metal supergroup Death Dealer are back with a third album (with two more in the can thanks to a productive COVID writing season according to guitarists Stu Marshall (Night Legion) and Manowar alumnus  Ross The Boss), which sees the band further solidifying their place in the power metal marketplace, in the process refining their signature sound with a series of high velocity metal workouts designed to test the neck muscles of their Worldwide legion of fans…

The band, rounded out by Symphony X bassist Mike LePond, Cage vocalist Sean Peck and drummer Steve Bolognese (who also pounds the skins in Ross The Boss’ solo band) cover all the bases on Conquered Land; Their hymn to returned servicemen, 22 Gone, is one of the best metal ballads I’ve heard this year, whilst the title track  sees the band take the foot off the gas for a while to deliver a crawling, Black Sabbath-vibed stomper that you wouldn’t necessarily associate with this band. But the change in pace really works, leaving Conquered Lands as one of the album’s most impressive moments overall.

The tongue-in-cheek Running With the Wolves is the sort of track RTB might have cranked out with his former employers (though it’s doubtful whether Joey DeMaio‘s tongue would have been safely lodged inside his capacious word-hole), a built-for-the-fans booze n’bravado banger that’ll go down a bomb when we’re able to congregate together again to celebrate our love of the Metal Gods. It’s companion song Every Nation is more Army of The Immortals to the former’s Kings of Metal and it’s another sure-fire winner.

But don’t despair – if it’s just heads down speed freak mayhem and helium-fuelled screaming you’re after then Death Dealer’s got you covered too… Opening track Sorceror Supreme is probably the best of this particular bunch of tracks, but there’s more than enough good quality stuff in this vein across the rest of the album to keep you happy if that’s your particular bag – don’t worry!

For a more detailed rundown on what’s happening with Conquered Lands I’d point you in the direction of our excellent Stu Marshall interview from a couple of weeks ago which you can find HERE, but in summary I’d finish up by saying that Conquered Lands really builds on everything the band has been working towards over their first two albums; I can’t wait two hear those other two records ASAP!

Conquered Lands releases on November 13th.