Brit bruisers Dendera are back with a new EP, and the hotly tipped quintet continue to improve and impress with this new release.

The first thing you notice about this EP (apart from the superb guitar work that ushers in opening track The Void) is just how good it sounds; Recorded and mixed by Alessio Garavello, Reborn Into Darkness, sonically, is fit to mix it with any of the big names in modern metal. Endless Suffering, which features guest guitar from Sabaton‘s Tommy Johansson, sounds absolutely titanic, with every instrument given space to breathe in a mix that absolutely crushes. Atop it all vocalist Ashley Edison gives a confident and controlled performance – his multitracked vocals at the end of this track are one of the highlights of the whole release.

Johansson isn’t the only guest on the EP – Chelsea Grin‘s Tom Barber adds vocals to The End of Days whilst CJ McMahon of Aussie extremists Thy Art is Murder bellows his way through a supporting performance on Reborn with pleasing results. And whilst it’s irrefutable that McMahon especially does add some real and very formidable heft on his track, I’d ask whether this band really needs guests to improve on what they are already doing – this is one mighty accomplish outfit in it’s own right.

Both Steve Main and David Stanton provide superbly sleek and melodic yet crushingly heavy axework, whilst the rhythm section of drummer Andy Finch and bassist Bradley Edison offer real dynamism and ballast to the bottom end. And, as noted, the mix means you can actually hear Edison go about his business on the four strings, something which doesn’t always happen with bands at this level!

Dendera have already carved a nice niche for themselves in the UK heavy rock scene over the last six or seven years, and it’s clear from this EP that they are ready to take a few steps up the ladder on the way to becoming an international force in the not too distant future. I shall be watching their progress with interest, but in the meantime I must exhort you to invest in this EP at your earliest convenience  – go to it!

Reborn Into Darkness releases on December 4th