Few bands channel the true spirit of metal; Dangerous, Rebellious, Confronting, Unrelenting. Deströyer 666 not only embody this spirit, they live, breath and bleed it.

This November will see them return home to their leaders birthplace to spread Wildfire

Deströyer 666 have no need to prove anything. Unleashing five studio albums in their 20 plus year career they have cemented their reputation within the metal community and their latest missive, the recently released, Wildfire (Season Of Mist) is another fist straight to your face.
They are the pure essence of heavy fucking metal.

Lead from the front by the infamous KK Warslut, there is no ‘core’, no ‘post’ and no bullshit when it comes to D666. Old school without clinging to nostalgia, they have nothing in common with a bunch of kids trying to emulate the eighties via some retro fashion and a cool patch jacket.
Immune to fads, they have remained the same since the golden age of heavy music and have never wavered.

Wolves among sheep, following no trends, musical or otherwise; commanding respect wherever they venture, Destroyer 666 deliver metal at its best. Powerful, gritty and intelligent arranged with groove that can move mountains. Prepare to witness a night of musical integrity few can claim to deliver – Destroyer 666 will grab you by the neck, wring it till it snaps and force on you a hellish emotional journey of blackened madness!

No compromise, no quarter, prepare yourself!

Australian Wildfire Tour 2016:
Friday, Nov 4: Brisbane – Crowbar
Saturday, Nov 5: Sydney – Manning Bar
Sunday, Nov 6: Canberra – The Basement
Friday, Nov 11: Melbourne: Max Watts
Saturday, Nov 12: Adelaide: Enigma
Sunday, Nov 13: Perth – The Rosemount Hotel