It’s a small word, but a word with many connotations… the ‘click’ you hear when a joint dislocates is undoubtedly an example of the word at it’s most negative. But when all musicians in a band reach synergy together in a recording studio, when they can really be said to ‘click’ together, well, that’s a very positive thing indeed. And on their latest album, Grand Explosivos, Swedish funk-o-metal carpet riders Electric Boys have clicked in explosive fashion.

They’ve clicked in such a fashion that many will tell you the band have delivered their finest outing since 1992’s Groovus Maximus but I’m not one for half measures so I’ll say that this new elpee is the best thing they’ve done since their storied 1989 debut; And, more than that, history may well come to see Grand Explosivos as their career-defining meisterwerk in years to come.

The reasoning behind these grand claims is that the band have brought over thirty years of songwriting suss and a half lifetime of lived experience to the songs featured here. Conny Bloom is a man supremely comfortable in his own skin, and that state of affairs shines through gloriously in all the songs here, whether they be Beatles-quoting funk workouts like opening track When Life Treats You Funky, Little Featish shuffles (the superb And The Bands Played On – Part 1) or seventies Britrock repackaged for the twenty first century (the wonderful Missed Her By A Minute, a song so good that the blessed Cats In Space wouldn’t turn their collective nose leathers up at it). Bloom just follows his nose throughout, delivering a varied set that never fails to delight and often inspires.

I’ve Got A Feelin‘ harnesses the spirit of Iggy in spectacular fashion, a driving slab of radio rock that fans of names like Kings of Leon will take to immediately, whilst the cheeky, quirky Cozmic Jagger takes a wry dig at the world’s greatest frontman via a song that sounds like Brit comic duo The Mighty Boosh might have had a hand in; But whatever style the band adopts is, in the modern parlance, absolutely nailed by a group of musicians absolutely at the top of their collective games. Consequently Grand Explosivos is an album that’ll be almost impossible to stop listening to once you start, and comes joyously recommended to fans of the good stuff everywhere. Bravo!

Grand Explosivos is out now. You know what to do…