All Shall Burn, the new EP from Eleine is an amazing trip into symphonic metal, with an oriental touch.  Having come across the Swedes when flicking through the upcoming releases at Sentinel Daily, I decided I wanted to hear more and am glad I did.

In late 2011 vocalist Madeleine Liljestam began working on a symphonic metal project with a focus on delivering meaningful music that both inspire people and touch them on a deeper level.

A year later it all fell in to place when co-founder, songwriter/singer and guitarist Rikard Ekberg joined and Eleine was born.  Now having toured with the likes of Moonspell, The Foreshadowing, and Arch Enemy, Eleine are back delivering an epic sounding EP to tide us over until their next full length offering.  It will be delivered through Madeleine and Rikard’s own record label, Algoth Records, and distributed through the renowned label Black Lodge Records.

The opener Enemies is a dark, brooding, very dramatic sounding song.  It has a really good mix of sound that takes the listener on a journey.  Lead singer, Madeleine, has a great voice with the growling backing vocals of guitarist Rikard adding a nice counterpunch to the song.  It has everything you would want from a symphonic metal sound with the double kick drums driving the song throughout, lots of guitar and a section of strings that accompany the song throughout.  It really sets the scene nicely.

Next up is the title track, All Shall Burn.  This is a slower song with a cinematic riff that showcases the vocal flexibility of both singers.  The song is a huge sounding epic of a song reminding me of bands like Nightwish.

Following on is a cover of Rammstein’s Mein Hertz Brent, an interesting choice.  The cover is pretty much straight up and is a pretty good tribute.  For me though, there is only one Rammstein.

A redo of their 2017 single Hell Moon (We Shall Never Die) is added which once again shows the range of this impressive band.  To finish off, there is an operatic version of All Shall Burn.  To me this seems even more cinematic than the original, electric, version.  I am not sure of the worth of it, as it does seem a bit of overkill.

As a whole though, I am very glad that I found Eleine and will be looking to go through their back catalogue with great interest.

All Shall Burn is out now.  Check it out.