Latvian experimental black metal collective Eschatos present listeners with many interesting moments during the length of this two track EP.

The band, fronted by vocalist and focal point Kristiāna Kārkliņa, weave together wide ranges of influences to produce their sound. This sound is undoubtedly more than the sum of its parts. Taken at face value the strands of neofolk and death metal that constitute much of the first track, Luminary Eye Against the Sky are not that interesting. Or at least out of the ordinary. But the musicians put the constituent parts together so well that the whole becomes a vibrant, swirling maelstrom of sound.

In this way the band can broaden its appeal. Fans of non-metal acts like Dead Can Dance and Myrkur will recognise elements to their liking. But at the same time the guitars – played by Edgars Gultnieks and Mārtiņš Platais have all the heaviness required by fans of the heaviest of metal.

The second track, The Night of the White Devil, is split into three movements and is more experimental, which is bound to limit its appeal even though the challenging music it presents is very fulfilling to the listener given a full immersion in its intricacies.

Eschatos have created interesting soundscapes on Mære, and deserve the widest audience possible for their efforts.

Mære is released by the band on December 1. Get it HERE