American thrashers Hell Bent originally released this self-titled, self-released extended player digitally and on tape, but it’s now getting a wider release and jolly good job too. If you like raw throated crossover you should make it you business to investigate this at your earliest convenience.

As you’d expect with a band fronted by somebody called Badger, there’s a feral edge to Hell Bent’s brand of thrash that, if, you’re old enough, will take you right back to the mid eighties halcyon era of this kinda stuff.

Hell Bent don’t mess about – the six tracks featured come and go in well under a quarter of an hour – and the record has a visceral feel rather than a technical one, but that doesn’t detract from the tremendous impact tracks like Condemned to Life will have on your ears.

John and Shawn know a good riff when they hear one, and if you love the idea of early D.R.I. duking it out with Cryptic Slaughter – and why wouldn’t you? – tracks like the splendid Scythian Horde are going to be on your playlist for quite some time to come.


The Hell Bent EP is out now.