Seven minutes and forty nine seconds of pure, grinding filth. That’s the best way to describe Industrial Puke‘s coruscating new EP; Alternatively, if that’s not specific enough for you, try the band’s take on their own music: ‘Comrades sharing a love for Disrupt and Dismember‘.

Now we’ve got all the labelling clear – is the music any good? My word, the answer to that would have to be yes, as the band careers through the hardcore and crust playbook in joyous style. Joyous is probably the wrong word to use with music like this, of course, but I can’t help how the glorious noise of best track Constant Pressure makes me feel, and it’s my job as a ‘journalist’ to communicate those feelings to you via the gift of the written word, so I make no apologies. The cement mixer churn of Erik Hald‘s bass throughout this EP is indeed, as Neil Diamond would have had it, ‘a beautiful noise’… and that IS a joyous thing to report.

Mattias Rasmussen‘s got the d-Beat riddims down to a tee, natch, the whole thing topped off by the hellish crossfire of Jens Ekelin and Marko Partanen‘s raging riffwork and Linus Jägerskog’s bullhorn ullulations up front. It’s simple, it’s direct, it’s bloody brilliant. Now, can we have a full length album of same, please?

Where Life Crisis Starts releases on September 16th.