Being an avid Vixen fan for the last twenty something years, you can imagine my excitement at being asked by Sentinel Daily to review this first solo album from singer Janet Gardner.
I certainly wasn’t disappointed as the first track, cranked up loud on the home stereo sent me into overload.

The gravelly, yet melodic vocals from Janet are like aural sex. I love a woman who can give it large and not be afraid to test her pipes to the limit.

The crunchy, heavy guitar riffs are not dissimilar to the squeals of Zakk Wylde in places, and I have to say, it’s an absolute uplift not to have five minute guitar solos in every song, but when they do happen, I find myself performing a little bit of air guitar.

The back line of drums and bass are solid, punchy and tight, and the band as a whole gel very well together. Having also seen the official promo video, this is very much a band who like to have fun. It’s not just a career, it’s a hobby.

The opening song, Rat Hole, with its ‘na na na na’s’ could be straight off a Halestorm album. This is so different to Vixen, not better or worse but completely modern with brilliant song writing skills. Janet always has this ability of creating ear worms that you just can’t stop singing, even when you’re not actually listening to the track, and keeping it fresh.

You won’t be disappointed with this, it’s the best album I’ve heard in years and would expect nothing but absolute showcase rock at a live gig. Roll on a UK tour.

Janet Gardner’s self-titled solo album will be released by Pavement Music on August 18th.