Our final Journo lists selections come from Reviews Editor Gavin Strickmann and the big cheese himself, Editor Scott Adams – did they like any new music at all in 2023?

A strong year? I’m not so sure, but the best of what came out was very good indeed – hope you agree with at least some of my selections!
25. Hugo’s VoyageInception (Frontiers Music)
24. Cold DropCold Drop (Lions Pride Music)
23. ElysionBring Out Your Dead (Massacre Records)
22. MedevilMirror In The Darkness (Own Label)
21. The Royal BeggarsFalling To New Heights (Desert Rambler Recordings)
20. Mammoth WVHMammoth II (BMG)
19. SarayasignThe Lion’s Road (Frontiers Music)
18. Small Town SavioursSmall Town Saviours (Own Label)
17. ChromeskullScreaming At The World (Own Label)
16. Bad BonesHasta El Final! (Rockshots Records)
15. Boys From HeavenThe Descendant (Target Records)
14. Velvet InsaneHigh Heeled Monster (Wild Kingdom)
13. Scream MakerLand of Fire (Frontiers Music)
12. VoyagerFearless In Love (Season of Mist)
11. Primal FearCode Red (Atomic Fire)
10. Air RaidFatal Encounter (High Roller Records)
9. WingerSeven (Frontiers Music)
8. Beyond The BlackBeyond The Black (Nuclear Blast)
7. HostIX (Nuclear Blast)
6. Tygers of Pan TangBloodlines (Mighty Music)
5. CrowneOperation Phoenix (Frontiers Music)
4. Diamond DogsAbout The Hardest Nut To Crack (Wild Kingdom)
3. KK’s PriestReturn of the Sinner (Napalm Records)
2. Kent HilliNothing Left To Lose (Frontiers Music)
1. DreamstreetDreamstreet 2.0 (Red Fields Entertainment)

It’s that time of year again and I must say I had trouble whittling things down to a ‘mere’ twenty five. There’s no argument about the number one though, from a truly exciting young band who I hope will take the world by storm over the coming years. Thanks for joining us in such numbers all year – and we hope to see you and all your friends again in 2024!
25. Dreamstreet – Dreamstreet 2.0 (Red Fields Entertainment)
24. Scream Maker – Land of Fire (Frontiers Music)
23. Velvet Insane – High Heeled Monster (Wild Kingdom)
22. Grande RoyaleWelcome To Grime Town (The Sign Records)
21. Primal Fear – Code Red (Atomic Fire)
20. Voyager – Fearless In Love (Season of Mist)
19. Air Raid – Fatal Encounter (High Roller Records)
18. HawkwindThe Future Never Waits (Cherry Red)
17. Winger – Seven (Frontiers Music)
16. Night LegionFight Or Fall (Massacre Records)
15. Teksti-TV 666Vapauden tasavalta (Svart Records)
14. Beyond The Black – Beyond The Black (Nuclear Blast)
13. Tygers of Pan Tang – Bloodlines (Mighty Music)
12. La ChingaPrimal Forces (Ripple Music)
11. Department of GloomDepartment of Gloom (Andromeda Records)
10. Overkill Scorched (Nuclear Blast)
9. Host – IX (Nucler Blast)
8. Crowne – Operation Phoenix (Frontiers Music)
7. Coven JapanEarthlings (No Remorse Records)
6. Diamond Dogs – About The Hardest Nut to Crack (Wild Kingdom)
5. KK’s Priest – Return of the Sinner (Napalm Records)
4. Kent Hilli – Nothing Left To Lose (Frontiers Music)
3. EnslavedHeimdal (Nuclear Blast)
2. GodthrymmDistortions (Profound Lore)
1. CreeperSanguivore (Spinefarm)