Katari is a primitive black metal band based in Huánuco, Peru. The band consists of two members, Evilord and Assassin. They have released a series of demos and one EP in their twelve year history, with this new album being their full-length debut.

Like many of their continental counterparts in South America, Katari find no solace in melody. The nine tracks released for this record are all bestial in the extreme, featuring rudimentary drumming and simplistic, yet effective, guitar riffs.

The listener could be transported to any time during the last thirty years on any of the tracks; zero musical progression is either present, or, probably, wanted. The ritualistic nature of primitive black metal is strengthened by the repetition of it’s adherents. Hence, though hailing from Peru, Katari could just as easily be Swedish, German or Brazilian from the musical evidence at hand.

None of this is to say, however, that Ave, Rex Ivdeorvm! is not enjoyable. Acolytes of this style of music will welcome its familiarity, and the earnestness of the duo’s delivery. Every song will strike a resonant chord with those of the requisite mindset. However black metal fans who have moved beyond the bestial will be able to move past this release with no loss to their musical enjoyment.

As a disinterested outsider I find the tracks on the record pleasing yet inessential. Tracks like Fucked by Serpents deliver on the band’s promise of ‘crude and primitive’ black metal; That is not a difficult promise to make good, of course, but there is merit in the music on offer. However I can find little of real, lasting importance in the music and consequently can not in any good conscience recommend this to any or all but the most committed to this musical style.

Katari will release Ave, Rex Ivdeorvm! through From Deepest Records on May 4th.