Musically, the city of Norman Oklahoma is notable for birthing pretentious alt-rockers The Flaming Lips and country guitar virtuoso Vince Gill; Hopefully a third name is set to bulk up that list in the shape of post-punkers The Lost End, who have recently released a compact and bijou new self-titled album.

It’s a morose affair, sparse, angular and packed with downbeat sentiment and melody. However that doesn’t mean it’s not enjoyable, oh no. Tracks like Signs That Guide and Viking Attack have a lot going for them, especially the latter, whilst final track As A Ghost highlights the squalling guitar skills of Scott Jones.

However the hook on which most casual listeners will hang their hats is the excellent vocal performance of Ryan Taylor. Taylor combines equal parts Glenn Danzig and Samuel Herring (with a dash of Ian Curtis on tracks like As A Ghost), creating a beguiling if dolorous croon which, whilst never quite hitting at the heights of those names mentioned certainly hints at a capacity so to do.

Each one of the seven songs featured is so to appeal to black-clad and fashionably skinny acolytes of Peter Murphy or Nick Cave, and whilst this probably isn’t heavy enough for your average Sentinel Daily reader it’s certainly well worth a punt if you enjoy the odd sortie into angular and moody waters.

The Lost End is out now.