Renowned Swedish black metal band Marduk is back with a new release entitled Memento Mori. Today, the band proudly presents their latest single Blood of the Funeral, offering a tantalising glimpse into their forthcoming album. This marks the band’s fifteenth studio album, set to be unleashed upon the world on September 1st via Century Media Records.

Blood of the Funeral encapsulates the raw and unrelenting intensity that has become synonymous with Marduk’s sound. The track showcases their signature blend of aggressive guitar riffs, thunderous drums, and chilling vocals, evoking a sense of darkness and despair.

Listen to the track below!

Commenting on the album, Marduk frontman Daniel Rostén shares: “Memento Mori is, all at once, a bold leap forward, a calculated sidestep, and a wistful backward glance. Meaning, we have broken new ground without forgetting our legacy or the journey that brought us to this point.”

Since their inception in the early nineties, Marduk has become one of the most influential and revered bands in the black metal genre. With a discography that spans over three decades, the band has consistently delivered uncompromising and aggressive music that resonates with metal fans worldwide. Memento Mori promises to be another groundbreaking chapter in their storied career, cementing their status as true legends of the genre.