Mad Max prime mover Michael Voss, one of the cornerstones of German metal over the last forty years, is a massive fan of Status Quo, and specifically rhythm guitarist/vocalist/all round splendid chap, the late Rick Parfitt. Who knew!?

The first thing worth noting about Voss’ tribute to Parfitt, Rockers Rollin’, is that, even if you’re a fan of the Quo or not, this is a mighty fine album, put together with supreme attention to detail and respect for it’s subject matter. Me? I’m a big fan of the band’s seventies output, and I gotta say what an absolute joy it has been blasting this out of the speakers over the last few weeks…

Rockers Rollin’ isn’t just a vanity project of Voss and a few of his mates, either; Quo members Rhino Edwards (bass), Andy Bown (keys), John Coghlan (drums) and even Parfitt’s son, Rick Junior, all make appearances, whilst songwriting contributors Jackie Lynton and Bob Young are also onboard, making this a rather special document indeed.

As ever, you’ll have comments to make on song selection if you’re a fan of the band, but even here, for this reviewer at least, everything is on point, save perhaps for the absence of the epic Forty Five Hundred Times from 1973’s Hello! and maybe Mystery Song from 1976’s Blue For You. 

Voss has marshalled his forces superbly here, and leads from the front with some nice performances both vocally and with guitar in hand; The renditions of Rain, Rockers Rollin’, Something ‘Bout You Baby I Like (which features a lead vocal from Parfitt Jnr), Coming and Going (with harmonica supplied by legendary Quo tour manager/songwriter Bob Young) and Living On An Island (with drums from Coghlan) are especially fine, and I’d have to say that this is a must-have for all fans of the band and a very fitting tribute indeed to one of Britain’s best-loved rockers.

Rockers Rollin’ (A Tribute To Rock Parfitt) releases on October 13th.