Good things come when you least expect them, even when you are looking elsewhere!

Funny how things happen, like this review I’ve ended up doing for Naberus new release.  The review came about, as at the time I’d just seen a link for a review of the new Alter Bridge album, so feeling an urge to listen to some new music and write a review I hit up Sentinel Daily Big Kahuna, Scott Adams for a chance to review just that.  He didn’t have it available at this time but I was feeling an urge for new music and wanting to do a review.  Scott threw me a link to NaberusThe Lost Reveries as he thought it was something I’d probably enjoy –a very different sound to Alter Bridge, but hey, I’ve got a wide range of music I like to listen to.

So after grabbing a copy of the album, I download the tracks and away we go.  Naberus are an Aussie band hailing from Melbourne.  After a listen to a track or two I find them somewhere in the heavy thrash with a bit of post hardcore, metalcore and the death metal end of the spectrum.  While I don’t often venture down this way I do listen to a few bands in this genre, mainly from the fact of having a young, adult son who is always bringing me tracks to check out from some of the new bands he has found.  I found that these guys remind me a bit of Motionless In White, Asking Alexandria and Architects at times.  Throw in some August Burns Red at others and I think you get the drift.

The press release says the guys have been around since 2009 and have released a couple of EPs, have played a number of festivals in Australia and played a number of gigs alongside the likes of Soilwork.

The Lost Reveries is 14 songs long and is a mix of 5 new songs recorded for this and the other 9 songs that were on their independently released Reveries produced by Ermin Hamidovic (Periphery), who also produced their earlier EP The Fallen and continued to work with them to produce the new album.  Reveries, was what brought them to the attention of Chris Poland at Eclipse Records, where they were signed to an exclusive world-wide deal.

From the first track Drones the aggressive nature of the band is obvious as it smashes you in the face with a drum intro before a driving bass line and some crazy licks really gets the track going.  Drones is the perfect introduction for someone new to Naberus, it sets the tone of the album with driving beats, intense aggressive growling lyrics and then clean melodies leading into a powerful chorus.  Intricate riffs, with some very good guitar work in the solos are also evident.  After a couple of listens I find myself really getting into the groove of this track, it is head-nodding catchy. But this is just the opener…

Being new to the band, I was not sure what is original and what was recorded new for the album.  But after a bit of research I am able to find that the tracks that are well known to the punters and already from what I can see well-loved.  Most tracks are following a pretty tried and true method of fast riffs, tempo changes, melodic solos but each song is tight and full of underlying power.

The Lost Reveries provides a wealth of tracks to pick from, which in my mind marks an impressive initial effort by these guys.  Each track has something to offer the listener, I found the tracks: Drones, Torch The Sky, Vultures, Darkest Day, Gallows and Cohesion to be outstanding tracks and really showcase what these guys can do.  They also show off their melodic music skills in the mighty fine instrumental piece Dirge For Sanity.  I have listened to the album several times now and would like to get a chance to see them live and see if they can transfer the power of their recordings into a live gig.  Based on what I have heard here, the show would be electric.

NaberusThe Lost Reveries is out December 2 through Eclipse Records. Do yourself a favour and grab a copy, it’s well worth the listen.