Aussie rockers Palace of the King have built up a formidable reputation over the years, the sort of reputation that always leads to dealing out a dose of the jitters to long term fans every time a new album comes around – will they deliver this time around?

The answer of course, is yes; If you’ve ever enjoyed riding with the ‘King at any point in their career to date, then there’s absolutely nothing on FiLP that’s going to rain on your parade. In fact, there’s more of everything that made you love them in the first place to be found within the insidious, hip-shaking grooves of tracks like I’m Sorry Blues and Tell It Like It Is.

And what about the Newbies, the non-coms who, quite possibly through no fault of their own have never come across PoTK before? Well, it’s hard to see anybody resisting the toot-toot-toe-tapping prowess of Children of the Evolution or the title track; If you’ve ever shaken your booty down to the likes of yokel rabble raisers Reef, the ‘Crowes or, for the locals, Jet in their pomp then, in all honesty I’d stop reading this nonsense and get down yer local online record n’tape vendor, readies in hand for the ear-pleasing time of your young lives, I really would…

Best track Tear It Down is, in a word, superb in it’s earthshaking mix of The Who and Bon-era ‘DC but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Slip into yer tightest strides (or lady clothes, whatever is your particular poison, clothing wise), crack open something that’s going to keep you hydrated when the gyrating gets a bit too hot n’heavy, and prepare to lose your mind. That’s what joyous tuneage like this was designed for.

Friends In Low Places Is out Now.