Imagine, if you will, that you’re coming ‘round to the Sentinel Daily office for a couple of tinnies before we head out to see someone marvellous in one of Canberra’s many magnificent rock venues. I announce I’m about to put on some new music by a band that sound like an amalgam of Hinder, Nickelback, Godsmack, Rage Against the Machine and Disturbed. Just how scared and disappointed would you be, on a scale of nought to a hundred?

Write that figure down. Multiply it by ten thousand. The resultant figure is a numerical representation of Pop Evil.

The press release that accompanies this release, timed to coincide with the band’s imminent arrival on Australian shores, doesn’t mention any of those artistes, sensibly. But it does liken the band, amazingly, to Mötley Crüe and Kiss. If they mean the laughable era of Mötley Crüe when Tommy Lee thought he was a DJ or the bloated grunge apology of Carnival of Souls then maybe, just maybe, there may be efficacy in the comparison. Otherwise, let’s just hope it was an over-eager intern let loose on the eOne word processor rather than something the band actually think to be true.

Opening song Waking the Lions at least has a rousing moment or two, but for the most part what you get here is superannuated rap rock or, worse still, American Idol champion single release nonsense like Be Legendary. Or nostalgic grunge lite like God’s Dam. Wherever you drop the needle, there’s plenty to get angry about, so I guess the best thing to do would really be to just ignore Pop Evil unless you actually admire any of the bands I mentioned in my opening statement.

Everything is played and produced with ruthless efficiency- everyone in Camp Pop Evil obviously knows their onions, but that’s about as enthusiastic as it’s possible to get about Pop Evil unless your requirements are so basic you actually think Commercial Radio is a good thing. Good luck to the band in their future endeavours – I honestly mean that – but I won’t be sampling any more of their wares I’m afraid.

Pop Evil is out now, and, should you disagree with da Ed’s strident views on the band you can see them in action in Australia at the following venues…

Thursday 4th April: The Gov; Adelaide
Friday 5th April: The Prince Band Room; Melbourne
Saturday 6th April: The Metro; Sydney
Sunday 7th April: The Zoo; Brisbane