Chilean black metal outfit Praecognitvm originally recorded Inalienable Catharsis purely for demo purposes. However on hearing said demo label Iron Bonehead were so impressed they convinced the band to release it with no further adornment, so here it is.

In keeping with the label’s cult outlook this release is only available on tape, and as this review went to press there did not seem to be any plans for release in any other format, although you can buy a digital version direct from the band at their bandcamp page.

Otherworldly, atmospheric yet primitive black metal is probably the best descriptor to use for the band’s music. The production is as cold as you would expect, giving an ambient ‘wholeness’ to the sound that covers the ears in an icy smog of indistinct noise for most of the time. Bassist M. cuts through the mix occasionally, but if you’re looking for a precise, well-defined sound you’ll be disappointed with Praecognitum.

All four of the songs here run over six minutes, but the one paced nature of much of the material means you could well be tricked into thinking it was merely one composition divided for the sake of conformity. When the band up the pace a bit, as they do briefly on third track Reminiscence, it’s a real departure and a welcome change.

This re-release is strictly for obscure black metal connoisseurs.

Inalienable Catharsis is out now.