Going by the album cover, The Prophets of Addiction are rocking the standard LA glam rock/metal look. An initial glance makes me hark back to the mid-late 80’s LA Guns. But will they prove to be at least that good?

Reunite the Sinners is the Seattle, Washington band’s second release, and some reviewers have likened them to Guns ‘n’ Roses, The Ramones, Mötley Crüe, Dead Boys, LA Guns and Hanoi Rocks. Them’s some big boots to fill, guys! The opening track As We Fall has a solid heavy rock start, but I’m kind of thrown by Lesli Sanders’ ultra-gravelly ‘singing’ voice. He sounds like a glam rock, higher pitched Tom Waits, which ain’t too pretty for these kind of tunes. Most of this track sounds basically spoken rather than sung, so I’m wondering what actual singing may bring forth. The chorus and the catchy bass lines has hints of some of the more upbeat Sisters of Mercy tunes from the 80’s. All in all, it’s a catchy tune and not a bad one to open with.

Welcome to the Show has a hint of Murderdolls about it, and with the repeated ‘Sex, drugs and rock and roll’ lines, it’s no doubt a popular sing along track at gigs. Pretty solid guitar solo effort from G.G.

Kings and Queens is a slower ballad, where even C.C. DeVille guest-appearing as guitarist, can’t quite save it. This song sounds like something from The 69 Eyes, but without Jyrki 69’s awesome deep voice. Sanders’ voice just isn’t suited to these slower, quieter tunes – maybe he should stick to what he’s good at…playing bass.
For a 10 track album, 4 ballads seems way too many, and none of them really stand out as anything extraordinary. Sanders’ voice and the stick-to-the-formula-ness of these tracks gets very samey.

Reunite the Sinners is much more suited to Sanders’ vocals – and he does give it a bit more oomph this time, so maybe this is where he should be heading. This song still seems to stick to the formula, but is a fair bit heavier, with some great guitar and drums. A stand out for me.

I think the Prophets have a way to go before the likes of Gunners or Crüe are pushed off their well-earned pedestals.