Back, in full-length form at least, for the first time in over thirty years, come Wandsworth’s finest, Rock Goddess

Such is the thirst for eighties nostalgia within the metal community in 2019 that even the most modestly successful outfits from the heyday of trad metal get another run out, and it has to be said that for the most part every man (and woman)-jack of them gets a warm reception and a fair reappraisal; nothing less should be afforded to Rock Goddess, for on the general evidence of this album it’s a criminal shame that they’ve been left largely unremembered for so long.

Led from the front, as ever, by vocalist/guitarist Jody Turner, a woman memorably handed the accolade once upon a time by Godz frontman Freddie Salem as “sure having a voice to call hogs” – that’s a complement by the way – Rock Goddess sprint their way through this short n’sweet elpee in swaggering, bellicose style and the results are generally a pleasure to listen to.

Turner Major (she’s once again accompanied on the drumkit by younger sister Julie, henceforth to be referred to in this review as Turner minor) has always been a curious beast lyrically and vocally; equal parts bellowing Amazon, bereft/furious spurned lover and fragile young innocent, she once more delivers this splintered personality throughout the nine songs on offer here. Me? I prefer the bellowing amazon as evinced on opening track Are You Ready? and the strident This Time, but the other sides of Turner have a lot going for them too, with the creepy Obsession and dreamy Drive Me Away almost equally successful. The girl plays some nice guitar too, with particularly nice solos gracing This Time and It’s My Turn.

Turner Minor weighs in with some nice harmony backing vocals and a solidly dependable performance behind the kit, but for the most part this is Jody’s show, and she holds the spotlight with gusto. Not content with that, she produces the record too, and apart from some dodgy mixing on Obsession where for some reason the kick drums galumph across the mix, she does a great job there too, delivering a heavy, punchy sound that allows everyone their fair share of ear time.

There’s nothing here quite as memorable as It’s More Than Rock And Roll from 2017’s comeback EP, but this is a solidly enjoyable return from a band that clearly deserve a second go around. Welcome back girls!

This Time will be released on March 1st.