Ironstone Terror
Bendigo bruisers Ironstone are thrilled to announce their new EP, The Place I Cannot Find, which set to be released on October 26th. Featuring the singles Mr. Struggle and Shiny Things – the video for which you can see here – The EP is the band’s second significant release and a follow up to their highly praised debut EP Prophecy.

“There’s been a definite evolution in our writing and musicianship, which is evident in this new material. We’ve really grown as a band over the past two years, building on what we started and pushing the boundaries of narrative and genre. We’re so proud of these songs, their range and complexity. We just can’t wait for people to hear them.” says lead vocalist, Dan Charlton.

The six track EP features cover art created with AI, a process that was very exciting, diving into such new technology. Mixed by Chris Themelco of Monolith Studios and mastered by Acle Kahney of TesseracT, the release has a run time of just under thirty minutes. Ironstone will celebrate the release with a launch party at Melbourne’s iconic Tote Hotel on Saturday October 29th.

Webb Terror
Bathurst isn’t the first regional town you think of when it comes to in your face guitar shredders but that’s where you will find Dave Webb (oh, so he’s not the popular QPR defender of the seventies? disappointed Ed).

The Dave Webb Project have recently released their debut EP, A Second To Surface. Inspired by a fifteen year long journey that began with Dave’s band A Second to Surface, which is where the title of this EP and the six songs were born.

The EP is a guitar driven, hard rock/metal experience that is ripe with catchy vocal hooks, memorable riffs and blistering guitar solos.

Dave says of the release ‘if metal greats like Kiss, Metallica and Tool were to meet Good Charlotte and Chevelle they’d end up a bit like us’.

Featuring Todd Brownlow on Drums and Kaitlyn Baker on Bass, A Second to Surface is a sonic journey that embraces Webb’s past, present and future direction. The Dave Webb Project recently completed a pre release tour for the EP that saw them hit the stage at Sydney’s Frankies Pizza, The Basement in Canberra, and The Vanguard in Newtown with astounding success and plans for more shows are in the works.

Dave Webb has been in multiple bands, with highlights such as; performing internationally in Dublin at the Guinness Festival, and New Zealand.
Over the years he has played with great Aussie artists Karnivool, Little Birdy, After the Fall, Something With Numbers, The Radiators, Diesel, Ian Moss and more.

Dead Dirty Dinosaurs Terror
We’re Happy! is the latest single from the experimental electronic indie rock duo from Brisbane, Dead Dirty Dinosaurs, and is available on digital platforms now. This track marks the first release with their new label Bread and Butter Records, subsidiary of the Golden Robot Global Entertainment Group.

Travelling from nineties guitar singalong into a distorted orchestral climax that would’ve been at home on Sergeant Pepper, We’re Happy! Is the first single from Dead Dirty Dinosaurs since becoming a duo at the end of last year and sets the scene for their next EP due later in the year.

Currently on a bizarre and desultory musical journey since a line-up change late in 2021 left two men standing, the decision to remain as a duo has heralded a new vision for the DDD’s which has yet to be fully made manifest to the world.

Experimental new tracks like She’s a big Deal, an ode to Kim from The Breeders and Pussyfooting, a dark, spacious number, sit alongside the bands previous classics with jagged noise in common.

The band’s latest single We’re Happy! Sits gleefully between the two worlds and discloses that these are artists very content doing what they do.

Body Prison Terror
Body Prison brings the internal horror of oneself to light and with a fury filled punch, have released a new single, accompanied by a music video, for their track Past Life.

Body Prison is a fresh Melbourne four-pronged deathcore act consisting of members currently/previously from To The Grave, Zeolite, Suldusk, and Myriad Drone. Created from the pure necessity to further explore the realms of their genre, they have embarked on a mission to produce a new strain of hate, filled with visceral power and a consistent level of intense ferocity. This, paired with a swathe of compelling hooks and groove, can only see Body Prison reel in a throng of new followers looking for the next heavyweight pack to sink their teeth into.

Pieced together with precision and talent, Past Life is a blunt declaration and menacing sign of what is ahead.

Toxicon Terror
Victorian quintet Toxicon endeavor to shape the way modern metal will sound going forward with the release of their new album Be The Fire & Wish For The Wind
Clocking in at just under an hour, the eleven track offering musically blends the intricate riffs of modern prog and thrash with the harmonious tonality and melody of alternative metal to create a truly unique hybrid sonic force.

Lyrically vocalist Wayne Clarris shifts and manipulates his voice, delivering everything from intimate and vulnerable clean passages to crushing throat tearing screams. Drummer Thomas Nunan and bassist Jacob Maloney also lend their vocal talent to the songs, offering high angelic harmonies and thick guttural yells to help create a 3-D vocal

Toxicon have taken the step off the ledge and into the unknown. Their ambitious new blend of melody and brutality will reveal something new with every listen, and the band proudly welcomes you all to press play and enjoy…